Different types of bees

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The employee bees are also hard at the workplace, producing even more cells for the newly fertilized eggs of the queen bee. As we have actually mentioned earlier, in culture, both the queen bee as well as the worker bees are women and also only the drones are male. Queen and also employee are both hatched out from fed eggs. Even though the queen and worker bees are hatched from similar eggs why is the queen able to lay fertilized eggs as well as not the employee bees? The reason is found in the method one was selected to be taken care of in better method as a larvae. The jelly produces a majestic queen bee. The fact is all employee are possible queen material. They also have ovaries however did not become laying fed eggs like the queen. Yet do they hatch?Yes. However the employee bee’s eggs only produce male drones. On the other hand with a worker as well as the queen , the male drone just has sixteen chromosomes. And yes – male drones do not have papas because they can be generated from eggs that have actually not been fertilized by an additional male drones. Queen and also worker are produced from the union of egg and sperm.