Oh honey, honey: the many uses of honey

December 20, 2019 by No Comments

This pleasant food stuff is a natural sugar with an indefinite shelf-life, and also for that reason has been a staple food for numerous thousands of years. Nonetheless it is most likely that it has been used by human beings for a much longer time, as cavern paints located in Spain dating back to 7000BC program pictures of beekeeping. It seems that ancient populations may additionally have had the exact same craving for sweets that we have today – the Ancient Egyptians made honey cakes as an offering to their Gods, whilst Greek dish books had plenty of sweetmeats and also cakes made from honey. And then of course, there is Mead – among the initial taped alcoholic drinks, which can be gone back to around 1000BC. In addition, throughout the ages honey has actually been used to help injuries heal and as an antibacterial. So what does this mean in useful terms? Well, it implies honey can be made use of to heal wounds as well as fight infection, to decrease painful swelling and also even to reduce scarring. In addition it is loaded with antioxidants, which are currently acknowledged as a key component in the fight against sunlight damage and anti-ageing, as well as these 2 aspects combined ways that honey currently includes in numerous all-natural appeal brand names, such as Burts Bees in the area of various other synthetic moisturisers.