A healthy diet is not found in the grocery store

November 1, 2023 by No Comments

Newsflash” over the past 100 years there has actually been a major deficiency in the value of our foods. This reduction in our food value has not do without notification; as a matter of fact over the last few years the International Medical Geology Association was formed to deal with these global health concerns. When we check into the wellness concerns related to nutritional shortages, it is very easy to see that there have been many research studies into modern-day world ailments and nourishment. In the United States the deficiency of iodine was recognized almost a hundred years ago. The addition of iodine right into diet plans has generally been via common salt, though that might be of issue today with a lot emphasis on a low-sodium diet plan. We can all make choices that benefit both the world and our very own pockets and dietary demands.