Understanding the threats to bees

February 10, 2021 by No Comments

However honey are best known for their ability of not interfering with the regular life cycle of the family members because they move their colonies in such an unique pattern. They have been faced with numerous threats to their survival which must worry us considering that we are directly influenced by any change. Several of the threats to honey bees include parasites, diseases which are typically transferred between nests and also other well-known predators. They found out various other factors for the negative decline in the bee population. These consist of environment disturbances and degradation, raised disease transmission, environmental air pollution, making use of chemicals which have some chemical web content and other killers of honey bees. Bees require blossoms to cross-pollinate and gather nectar from to generate honey. Termites are known to be one of the awesomes of bees. They send thousands of bee colonies right into mortality. It draws out the blood of the honey which compromises and also eliminates colonies. These are just some of the examples of the many dangers to ‘survival among other parasites and also killers in the environment.